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My Chevy Street Rod


Tri-County Street Rods
I am a member of Tri-County Street Rods and enjoy meeting people from other clubs. I also enjoy meeting people who are building a street rod or hot rod;  going to car shows, collecting tee-shirts, and checking out the venders for neat stuff for hot rods.

Pictures of members cars are coming soon.

             Members are:

Ed Picard, Unity, ME Ray Pomerleau, Vassalboro, ME
Daryl Hoague, Weeks Mills, ME Danyl Hoague, Weeks Mills, ME
Blaine Bunker, Albion, ME Donnie Sheets, Oakland, ME
Geno Occhuizzi, Oakland. ME John McLaughlin, Chelsea, ME
Kevin Worth, Dresden, ME
Bob Shorey, Jr., Unity, ME
Scott Morgan, So. China, ME Wayne Chadwick, Weeks Mills, ME
Steven Pomerleau, Benton, ME
Moe Carey, Waterville, ME
Dean Sheaff, So. China, ME
Darell Morgan, So. China, ME
Gus McNally, Burnham, ME Winfield Studley, Windsor, ME
Dan Lackie, Burnham. ME
Gary Rundstrom, Dresden, ME
Brian Worth, Dresden, ME
Steve Langlais, Clinton, ME
Jimmie Emerson, Burnham, ME

Some other old car links:
Ivan's 1941 Studebaker Champion & 1935 Chevrolet Truck


Maine Association
Automobile Clubs

I am our clubs' representative to MAAC and have been since 1991.  This was when MAAC was formed in order to bring together various automobile clubs in Maine, to share their events calenders, keep track of legislation affecting our hobby, and share their interests in the "sport". If you would like to know more about MAAC, or join our organization, please contact two very dedicated MAAC members " Fred & Susan Worcester " at Calender of Events, P.O. Box 717, Brownville, ME, 04414. Or E-Mail at 
Charlie Huntington is the chairperson for MAAC, and you can go to his home page and for more information about MAAC, by clicking here.